DMD8070 digital stepper driver - 80V / 7A

Digital stepper driver - 80V / 7A
Advanced setting via RS232
Auto Tuning feature

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Product Documents

.step 3D
Manuel d'installation
DMD8070 manuel utilisateur
ProTuner Tuning software

Internal Reference: DMD8070

DMD8070 digital microstep driver

  • Integrated heatsink and connector included
  • Input: 20 to 80 VDC; Output: 0.5 to 7.0A
  • Software for setting parameters on PC
  • Very low noise; Low heat dissipation; very smooth movement even at low speed
  • Anti-resonance system for optimum torque over the entire speed range
  • Self-identification system of engine parameters for optimum operation
  • "Multi-stepping" system allowing to optimize the management of the micro step mode and therefore, to reduce vibrations. The driver will thus decompose the steps optimally according to the rotation speed.
  • Program resolution up to 102,400 steps / rev.
  • Programmable current from 0.5A to 7.0A
  • Pulse input frequency up to 200KHz
  • TTL compatible. Opto complete insulation
  • Automatic idle-current reduction
  • For use with 2 phase motors
  • Compatible with PULSE / DIRECTION and CW / CCW commands
  • Protection against over voltage, over current and phase errors.
  • CE and ROHS certified

The DMD8070 driver is a new driver model for stepper motors based on DSP technology. It brings a very significant gain for the use of stepping motors and in particular, thanks to the principle of current regulation and to the decomposition of the variable steps according to the speed, it is possible to exploit the characteristics of your stepper motors at best. This technology results in optimum torque, low vibrations and reduced heating.

The driver therefore makes it possible to obtain an operation close to that of a direct current motor even for low speeds of rotation.


Usable with NEMA 23 and 34 size motors, this driver is particularly recommended for 86HS35 and 86HS45, 86HS85 and 86HS120 motors from the SOPROLEC range. Used in placement applications and XY tables, this driver will bring you optimum operation with reduced noise.

Parameters setting by serial link makes it possible to adjust the driver optimally.

Electrical specifications (Tj=25℃)






Output current





Supply voltage (DC)





Logic signals current





Pulse input frequency





Insulation Résistance




Mechanical specifications (Unit: mm, 1 inch=25.4 mm)

Pinout and description

Control Signal Connector P1 pins

Pin Function



Pulse signal: in single pulse (pulse/direction) mode, this input represents pulse signal, effective for each rising edge; 4-5V when PUL-HIGH, 0-0.5V when PUL-LOW. In double pulse mode (pulse/pulse) this input represents clockwise (CW) pulse. For reliable response, pulse width should be longer than 2.5us. Series connect resistance for current-limiting when +12V or +24V used.


DIR+ (+5V)

DIR signal: HIGH/LOW level signal, corresponding to motor rotor direction. For reliable response, DIR must be ahead of PUL by 5µs at least, the initial motor direction is related with motor wiring, exchange any set of coil can reverse motor initial direction. 4-5V when DIR- HIGH, 0-0.5V when LOW.


ENA+ (+5V)

Enable signal: this signal is used for enabling/disabling the driver. High level for enabling the driver and low level for disabling the driver. Usually left unconnected (enabled).


Power connector P2 pins

Pin Funtion



DC power ground


DC power supply, +20VDC - +80VDC, Including voltage fluctuation and EMF voltage.

Phase A

Motor coil A (leads A+ and A-)

Phase B

Motor coil B (leads B+ and B-)

Microstep Resolution Selection

Microstep resolution is specified by 5, 6, 7,8 DIP switches as shown in the following table:

Microstep usteps/rev.( 1.8°/rev) SW5 SW6 SW7 SW8
2 400 OFF ON ON ON
4 800 ON OFF ON ON
8 1600 OFF OFF ON ON
16 3200 ON ON OFF ON
32 6400 OFF ON OFF ON
64 12800 ON OFF OFF ON
128 25600 OFF OFF OFF ON
5 1000 ON ON ON OFF
10 2000 OFF ON ON OFF
20 4000 ON OFF ON OFF
25 5000 OFF OFF ON OFF
40 8000 ON ON OFF OFF
50 10000 OFF ON OFF OFF
100 20000 ON OFF OFF OFF
125 25000 OFF OFF OFF OFF

Current Setting
Peak Current (A) RMS (A) SW1 SW2 SW3
2.6 1.8 ON OFF OFF
3.4 2.4 OFF ON OFF
4.0 2.8 ON ON OFF
4.8 3.4 OFF OFF ON
5.4 3.8 ON OFF ON
6.1 4.3 OFF ON ON
7.0 5.0 ON ON ON
Typical Connections


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Brand Soprolec
Max. Voltage 80 V
Max. current 7 A
Configurable via RS232 cable
Weight 260 gr
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