About us

Our Activity

Soprolec develops and manufactures a range of axis controls used in many sectors of industry (machining, packaging, cutting, labeling machines, etc.).

We are also able to develop specific products or integrate our products into your projects.

In addition to this activity, we offer various motorization solutions adapted to the needs of our customers.

We are at your disposal to offer you products adapted to your needs.

 Online sales

You will find on this online sales site all the products developed by Soprolec.To meet the expectations of our customers, you will find different ranges of motorization compatible with our axis controllers.

  1. Stepper motors sizes from NEMA 17 to NEMA 42, torque from 0.47Nm to 21Nm.
  2. Hybrid servo motors sizes NEMA 23 and NEMA 34,trorque from 1Nm to 20Nm.
  3. Brushless servo motors from 200W to 1.88KW.
  4. A range of switching power supplies and touch screens compatible with our Modbus products and in particular our 3, 5 and 6 axis controllers.
  5. A range of vectorial or non-vectorial frequency/voltage drives from 200W to 3,7kW.

We are at your disposal to guide you in the choice of the solution adapted to your needs and are also able to assist you in the development of your projects.