Standard SOPROLEC digital stepper driver – 48V / 5.6A

Stepper Motor Driver
Supply voltage 20 to 50VDC
Max current 5.6A
Resolution 16 calibers from 200 to 25000 pulses/turn
Pulse frequency up to 100KHz.
+24v or +5V TTL selector for Pulses/Dir inputs

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  • Brand
  • Min. Voltage
  • Max. Voltage
  • Max. current
  • Resolution setting
  • Configurable

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Product Documents

DMD5056E manuel utilisateur

Internal Reference: DMD5056E


  • Patented Technology
  • Low cost
  • High torque, even at high speed
  • Input voltage 20-48VDC
  • Automatic idle-current reduction (configurable) 
  • For use with 2 or 4 phases motors (unipolar or bipolar)
  • Opto-isolated input signals
  • Pulse input frequency up to 100 KHz
  • 16 selectable micro-step resolutions of 400-25,600 via DIP switches
  • 8 selectable output current settings of 1.8 – 5.6A via DIP switches
  • Step & direction (PUL/DIR) control
  • Protections for over-voltage, over-current and short circuits
  • Small size (118x75.5x33mm)
  • Removable terminal blocks


The DMD5056E is a digital stepper drive with simple design and easy setup. This stepper drive is able to power 2-phase and 4 phase stepper motors smoothly with optimal torque and low motor heating & noise. Its operating voltage is 20-48VDC and it can output up to 5.6A current. All the micro step and output current are done via DIP switches. Therefore, the DMD5056E is the ideal choice for applications requiring simple step & direction control of NEMA 23,24 and 34 stepper motors.


The DMD5056E stepper drive is designed to power 2 phase (1.8°) or 4-phase (0.9°) NEMA 23, 24, and 34 stepper motors. It can be easily adopted in many industries (CNC, medical, automation, packaging…), such as X-Y tables, engraving machines, labeling machines, mills, plasma, laser cutters, pick and place devices, and so on. Its excellent performance, simple design, and easy setup make it ideal for many step & direction control type applications.

Electrical specifications






Max                              Unité

Output current



5.6 (4A RMS)


Supply Voltage(DC)





Logic signal current





Pulse input frequency





Insulation resistance




Mecanical specifications (Unité: mm, 1 inch=25.4 mm)

Figure 1:  Mecanical specifications

Pinout and Description

P1 Connector

Pin Function



PULSE signal: In single pulse (pulse/direction) mode, this input represents pulse signal, each rising or falling edge active (software configurable); 4-5V when PUL-HIGH, 0-0.5V when PUL-LOW. In double pulse mode (pulse/pulse) , this input represents clockwise (CW) pulse,active both at high level and low level (software configurable). For reliable response, pulse width should be longer than 2.5μs. Series connect resistors for current-limiting when +12V or +24V used. The same as DIR and ENA signals.


DIR+ (+5V)

DIR signal: In single-pulse mode, this signal has low/high voltage levels, representing two directions of motor rotation; in double-pulse mode (software configurable), this signal is counter-clock (CCW) pulse,active both at high level and low level (software configurable). For reliable motion response, DIR signal should be ahead of PUL signal by 5μs at least. 4-5V when DIR-HIGH, 0-0.5V when DIR-LOW. Please note that rotation direction is also related to motor-Driver wiring match. Exchanging the connection of two wires for a coil to the Driver will reverse motion direction.


ENA+ (+5V)

Enable signal: This signal is used for enabling/disabling the Driver. High level (NPN control signal, PNP and Differential control signals are on the contrary, namely Low level for enabling.) for enabling the Driver and low level for disabling the Driver. Usually left UNCONNECTED (ENABLED).


P2 Power connector

Pin Fonction



Power ground


Power supply, 20~45 VDC, Including voltage fluctuation and EMF voltage.

Phase A

Motor phase A (A+ and A- wires)

Phase B

Motor phase B (B+ and B- wires)

Microstep Resolution Selection

When it’s not in software configured mode, microstep resolution is set by SW5, 6, 7, 8 of the DIP switchas shown in the following table:

Microstep usteps/rev.( 1.8°/rev) SW5 SW6 SW7 SW8
2 400 OFF ON ON ON
4 800 ON OFF ON ON
8 1600 OFF OFF ON ON
16 3200 ON ON OFF ON
32 6400 OFF ON OFF ON
64 12800 ON OFF OFF ON
128 25600 OFF OFF OFF ON
5 1000 ON ON ON OFF
10 2000 OFF ON ON OFF
20 4000 ON OFF ON OFF
25 5000 OFF OFF ON OFF
40 8000 ON ON OFF OFF
50 10000 OFF ON OFF OFF
100 20000 ON OFF OFF OFF
125 25000 OFF OFF OFF OFF

Dynamic current setting

Peak Current (A) RMS (A) SW1 SW2 SW3
1.8 1.3 ON ON ON
2.1 1.5 OFF ON ON
2.7 1.9 ON OFF ON
3.2 2.3 OFF OFF ON
3.8 2.7 ON ON OFF
4.3 3.1 OFF ON OFF
4.9 3.5 ON OFF OFF
5.6 4.0 OFF OFF OFF

SW4 OFF : current is recduced by 50% one second after motor stops.

SW4 ON : current is always at maximum.

Typical connections


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Brand Soprolec
Min. Voltage 18 V
Max. Voltage 50 V
Max. current 5.6 A
Resolution setting DIP-switches
Configurable via RS232 cable
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